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    Mixa Patel (She/Her), Graduate Intern

    Hi, I’m Mixa. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Midwestern State University. I am under the supervision of Ashley Hubbard, MS, NCC,LPC, LMHC at Vibrant Journey Counseling, and university supervisor, Dr. Patrice Dunn, PhD, LPC-S, both of whom contribute to ensuring excellence in counseling practice. 

    If you find yourself struggling due to a major life change, feel overwhelming anxiety, deal with work-related stress, or are mourning a profound loss, know that you are not alone in navigating these challenges. I am deeply committed to helping those who may feel isolated in coping with issues like depression, anxiety, past traumatic experiences, relationship challenges, and other life circumstances. I believe in providing a space for clients to be truly seen and heard just as they are. My mission is to contribute to a world that is kinder and more compassionate by striving to ensure every person I meet leaves feeling better than before. 

    I take a client-centered approach to therapy, and use a gentle and personable style. My integrated approach draws from several evidence-based therapeutic practices, focusing on supporting clients in a whole-person and strength-based way. Having lived in various parts of the world, I have developed a deep respect for the diverse cultures and viewpoints that exist. Together, we will collaboratively set treatment goals and priorities that are specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

     In my free time, I enjoy immersing myself in new experiences, whether it be through travel, engaging in creative activities, spending time with family or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. 

    It takes courage and commitment to embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and joyful life. I am here to support and empower you in that journey.

    Mixa is available to see clients at a reduced rate of $30 per session.