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    Priya Mathews (She/Them), LPC-Associate, Supervised by Sara Black, LPC-S, LCDC

    Priya Mathew (She/them/theirs), MS, LPC Associate supervised by Sara Black, LPC-S, LCDC

    Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Texas

    Hi, my name is Priya (she/them/theirs). I am a second-generation Asian-American counselor, and in what can feel like a still-pioneering generation of mental health professionals in my culture of origin. I have intimately felt what it feels like to be thought of as “strange,” “different,” or not quite fitting the mold, from both my culture of origin and my birth culture. It is not an easy thing to feel like you never quite belong, and this can be both a wide-spread phenomenon and an intimately unique experience. Whether your sexual orientation or gender identity looks different from those around you, or you are not quite creative in a very creative household (or vice versa), or your political or religious views just don’t fit in with the community you are from or are in, I am here to hear you. I believe in the power of your voice and of your authentic self, and the power of recognizing your strengths so you can find your path. I have worked with a range of adult clients, from young to elder adults, and from various walks, identities, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, and spiritual views. I have a particular passion for working with creative clients, but I love to see all types of clients as I believe all clients have the creative potential to form the life they would like to lead. I work from a person-centered perspective, meaning I am here to learn about you, and walk with and assist you in identifying the roadblocks keeping you from your authentic path or goals. I am also here to give you compassionate care, warmth, and understanding, as well as the skills for you to be your greatest ally. I enjoy bringing in mindfulness techniques, expressive arts techniques, internal family systems techniques, among various others to help add to your tools, as appropriate.

    I graduated from the University of North Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and continued at UNT to receive a Master of Science in Counseling. I have worked with clients struggling through life transitions, cultural struggles, school and professional struggles, relationship struggles of various types, and distress with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other co-occurring disorders.

    I believe in the power of self-care, and when I am not counseling, I am often engaged in an art form of some type, whether that is drawing, painting, ballet, reading, or playing and listening to music. I have a cat that I love and that I have a hard time being without! I also seem to have been dubbed “the one who likes K-pop” in my community and have a keen interest in the use of arts, music, and media to further representation for Asian-Americans, as well as BIPOC cultures, nationally and globally.

    It would be my greatest honor to work with you and I look forward to meeting with you!

    I am supervised by Sara Black, LPC-S, LCDC while I work toward my independent LPC license. This means that I will be consulting with my supervisor to make sure that I give you the best care that I can! Feel free to ask me regarding this if you have any questions.

    Priya can see clients for $70-$150 per session. Priya has some sliding scale spots open. 

    Priya also accepts Cigna Insurance.