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    Tristian McCormick (She/Her), Graduate Intern

    Hello! I’m Tristian McCormick (she/her), a dedicated graduate student on the path to earning my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Midwestern State University. Building on my academic foundation, I earned my M.S. in Psychology from Walden University in 2020, following my earlier achievement of a B.S. in Sociology from Texas A&M-Central Texas in 2012. I am under the thoughtful supervision of Ashley Hubbard, M.S., NCC, LPC, LMHC at Vibrant Journey Counseling, and my university supervisor, Dr. Wendy Helmcamp, PhD, LPC-S, ensuring the highest standards of care in my counseling journey.

    For me, the purest expression of love takes the form of attentive listening. I hold a deep appreciation for individualism, celebrating the unique qualities that define each of us. My mission is to cultivate a secure and supportive environment for everyone, advocating for the well-being of individuals navigating both daily challenges and larger, complex struggles.

    My aim is to assist individuals in discovering the meaning of life amid any circumstance, empowering them to craft their own narrative. I am particularly committed to advocacy in the realms of LGBTQIA+ issues and the well-being of military veterans and their families. I am enthusiastic about working with individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to mental health and personal growth.

    During my free time, I write and read young adult fiction. Physical activity is a key part of my routine, as I find joy in both running and cycling. Additionally, playing and watching sports, especially soccer and basketball, are fun ways to fulfil my competitive spirit. Beyond that, my time is happily dedicated to the well-being of my two dogs and my pet axolotl. Family is at the heart of my adventures, and I cherish moments of exploration and discovery with my wife, son, and foster daughter—particularly during our travels in Europe.

    Tristian’s fee is $30 per session.